Friday, May 18, 2012

Making new friends

I need some do you go about making new friends? 

My DH and I have always been involved in a large social circle...the problem is, no one in that social circle has children.  And apart from one couple, our relationships have become quite strained.  We aren't able to go out on a moments notice...and when we do take Lexi with us, we call it an early night to get her to bed at a reasonable time.  These aren't bad people...they just can't empathize with our situation since they do not have kids. 

DH and I talked about needing to find friends that have kids, or more friends like the one couple...who take Lexi into consideration when maiking plans with us.  I'm not saying everyone has to bend to our wishes...but having someone who understands that you can't call me at 7pm and want to meet up at 8pm.  But we're at a loss for how to do that. 

Lexi is in daycare only one day a we don't meet the other parents.  She's in ice skating...but DH takes her.  I work full time from home.  I've tried joining Moms groups...but they all meet during the day, and I'm working. 

We do hopefully have one prospect...we ran into a guy we play poker with.  He was with his wife and 4 year old daughter.  The girls hit it off immediately, playing all over the seasonal department in Wallymart.  His wife was really nice as well, and we got along.  We exchanged phone numbers in the hopes to setup playdates for the girls.  Now I'm faced with: how soon is too soon to ask for a playdate?  Lexi asked about her new friend Zoe today and wanted to go see her. 

My child is starving for more childhood friends...just like her momma is starving for more momma friends.  Here...where I live.  I know I have all my bloggy friends...and I wish you all lived closer.  Just feeling ho hum today I guess.


Mazzy said...

This has been a HUGE struggle for us as well the past few years. We met and lived in a huge downtown area and were the first in our group to get married and move to the burbs and we picked a part of town OPPOSITE from where everyone else ended up moving to when they got married and settled. So all our "old friends" are so far away... and I felt like a complete loner in our neighborhood.

It has taken me SEVEN YEARS here to finally make some decent friends with kids and not feel so abandoned. What worked for me was joining a local church and really getting involved there, especially in the children's ministries. I joined the mom's group within my HOA. The big thing though, was getting out with a wagon and walking around the neighbohood a TON and just stopping to talk to moms and kids that also happened to be out, it probably produced the most results for me. I sure hope you find a solution because I know how awful this can be!!!

Delenn said...

We struggle with this all the time. Luckily we have a couple friends who do not have kids, but love ours, so that helps.

Sometimes school helps for it; work friends?

Also, have you thought of taking part of a club or other activity? We are Role playing gamers--so we meet people through nerdy activities like that.

Also, Meet Up groups--if you like the outdoors or something you look for groups that do that--with kids.

We have tried all those things--and still, it is pretty damn hard.

Good luck!