Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 year well visit

More for my sake than anyone else's.

Lexi had her 3 year well visit yesterday:

Height: 37 inches (45th percentile)
Weight 28lbs 6oz (20th percentile)

Pedi is not worried about her itty bittiness (seriously...she is wearing size 18 months shorts from last summer) but to make sure her diet is quality...not quantity.  Which we knew already.  No shots given (yay!).

After the pedi visit we stopped at a used sporting goods store and bought Lexi a pair of ice skates.  We then went to open skate at our local ice arena where she skated for the whole 90 minutes of open skate.  If you know me on've seen the video...but I'll post photos as soon as I can get the camera cord.

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