Friday, September 9, 2011


I've made my appointment to see a new RE for our last IVF cycle.  After much debate, we decided to go with this clinic.  Well, I DH is indifferent.  Why did I choose this one over the 3 others that the ob could have referred me to?  Well, one was ruled out because of the distance I'd have to travel for monitoring hour each way.  Plus, they didn't have very many cycles for women over 35 in their success rates on the CDC's website.  Like, they performed 1 in 2009.  The rest were all younger patients.  Another clinic was ruled out because of my personal feelings for one of the RE's in that practice.  I don't like her one bit.  She was my first RE...the one who left the clinic I was at and didn't tell any of her patients.  So that ruled out clinic #2.  So, I was left with the one I chose and one other one.  I ultimately chose this one because of it's University affliliation versus being a strictly private practice.  It's my opinion (right or wrong, it's mine) that University clinic's are more cutting edge and up to speed on the latest and greatest versus the private practices.  Again, right or wrong, it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it.

So in 10 days, I will meet with my new RE and go over the last 4 years of treatment.  I've requested my medical records from my old RE (to the tune of $50...what doctor charges that much??!!) as well as my OB.  I should have them in time for the appointment. 

DH's insurance will lapse on February 29th next we have to have everything done by then or else we'll have to pay for another year of his insurance coverage.  AF came on 9/2, so I'm hoping that I can start bc with my October period...and maybe, if I'm lucky, stims will start in November...which means a December ER and ET.  Not the greatest timing...but I would still have 2 months "play" in that schedule. 

As for how I'm feeling...I'm nervous.  My previous RE got me pg both times I cycled there.  I hope this new RE will be open to following the same, or a slightly modified, version of my last protocols.  I'm just afraid he will change things up so much that if it doesn't work I won't know if it's because of the change in protocol or not.  Anyway, listen to me rambling...I haven't even met him yet.

Our last chance is starting...

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