Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two years

Dearest Lexi, Today, you turn 2 years old. You are no longer my "baby" are a little girl. One with personality and opinions and ideas. You have your own sense of style and of doing things. You amaze me more and more each day with your understanding of the world around you. Your personality is larger than you are...literally. You only weigh in at 23lbs 6ozs, but yet are 34 1/4 inches tall. Which means size 18 month pants fall off your behind, but any size smaller looked like floods. Thank goodness for spring and summer when length won't be an issue. Though you are wearing 2T tops!! We had your birthday party on the 3rd. Lots of family came to celebrate your special day and Mother Nature blessed us with a gorgeous spring day. Mommy doesn't really know what to say anymore...I still feel an overwhelming sense of wonder when I look at you...even 2 years later. I still tear up when we snuggle and you ask me to "wock baybee". I still can't believe we were blessed with the miracle of you. You are an amazing little person...and mommy feels so lucky to be a part of raising you. You may be a little girl now...but you'll always be my baby. Love always and forever, Mommy


Courtney said...

Happy Birthday, Lexi!!!

s.e. said...

Give her a long birthday hug from someone who adores her just through your words. How did those two years slip away? Hope you both have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Dear Future-Daughter-In-Law,
You are so GORGEOUS! I can't believe 2 years has already flown by so quickly. You are growing up right before my very eyes. You make your mama's heart melt every single day. I am so glad you graced this world with your sweet little spirit. I hope you had a fantastic birthday!
your future MIL :)

JJ said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Lexi!