Monday, April 18, 2011

Needing to vent

Since I've been working from home, we've had my MIL watching Lexi on Mondays.  I used to drive her to my mom's an hour away and take the train to the office from there...but since I no longer commute, driving her the hour and then coming back seemed silly.  Well, I'm starting to rethink doing it. 

Let me first say, that I love my MIL.  But I can't stand her sometimes.  She's supposed to be watching Lexi on Mondays while I'm upstairs working.  She gets to my house about 8:15 (no problem) and I go upstairs.  Well, I feed Lexi breakfast before she gets here...or at least Lexi is eating when she arrives.  She doesn't feed Lexi anything else until I come down around noon for my which time I have to make Lexi lunch AND my MIL lunch as well.  Then I have to put Lexi down for her nap...which she should have gone down an hour before...and clean up the lunch dishes...then go back upstairs to work...within the hour.  When I'm done at 4:30ish I come back down...and have to feed Lexi dinner right away because MIL didn't give her any snacks after her nap. 

I've talked to her about this.  I've told her Lexi should get a snack after she gets up...something to tide her over until 6pm when we eat dinner...if she doesn't get anything then she goes from noon until 6 without eating...and that makes a crabby girl.  I don't know why she doesn't do it.  There are kid "safe" snack foods all in the pantry and Lexi has a cabinet of Gerber foods all to herself.  MIL knows this.

OH and today...OMG...she told me she wanted to get Lexi a little chick for Easter.  I'm thinking a peep or a chocolate chick...NOOOO she meant a REAL LIVE CHICKEN!  I was like, hells no!  But I politely said that may not be the best idea since we have 2 large dogs who like to chase little animals.  I also added that Lexi should never get a live animal as a gift unless DH or I are the ones giving it, OR, we've discussed it and agreed to it BEFORE any purchase is made.  She was miffed.  Ticked.  Pissed. 

I don't know if this is going to work out or not.  I don't have an alternative at this point. 


Alyssa said...

Makes me wonder what it was like when she was watching her without you around at all.

That would bug me :S

Anonymous said...

OMG! Does she not understand that watching her means tending to her every need?? Finish breakfast, give her a snack, feed her lunch, put her down for a nap, feed her another snack. And REALLY you have to make her lunch too? That is stupid! I think you need to have another talk to her.

And really? An f'ing chicken????

Michelle said...

Is there anyway that you can make a little bag w/a snack in it for Lexie? Would she be able to 'wait' until after her nap and handle it when she gets up? You may have to remind her a couple of days, but she'll probably get the hang of it. Also, I would make stuff the MIL!