Monday, April 18, 2011

My own mortality

A friend of mine from high school passed away on Lexi's birthday...she was 34. Apparently, she had just gotten home from vacation...didn't feel well...went to bed and never woke up. The cause of her death hasn't been determined...or if it has, it hasn't been shared. Nevertheless, the thought that she was only a few months older than me, and died in her sleep, scares the shit out of me. I'm not the healthiest person...I'm overweight, don't exercise, and my eating habits aren't where they should be. The thought of Lexi growing up without me, terrifies me. We wouldn't be prepared at this point should anything happen to either DH or myself.

We just applied for life insurance...something we've been procrastinating doing since we got married. I mean, I had a group policy through my job...and do through my new job as well...but it was only 1x my salary. Not enough to pay the house off or send Lexi to college. So we've recently applied...did the blood tests...and are waiting to hear if we're "approved".

 We also need to think about what happens to Lexi should both of us be taken. I want to have something in place that names people that are willing to raise her. My sister being our first choice. We've talked to her about it, and she's agreed...but we have to get it on paper and legal. Anyone know how to do that? My friend passing really put alot of things in perspective...I'm not 15 anymore (though I still don't think of myself as a 34 year old working mom)...I need to start living healthier and making different choices. Not just for me...but for my family.


Liz Self said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I, too, sometimes think about what my kids' lives would be like if we were to die. It makes me sad that my little one would be too young to even remember who I am, and Ollie wouldn't really remember once he got older. We have basic wills done online for like $50 that just leave everything to our kids in a basic trust and identify a guardian. If you don't have elaborate desires, that's the cheapest and easiest, and you can have it notarized if you want the extra level of official-ness.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Blogger ate my comment. Sorry about your friend. 34....that is my next birthday. We have been putting off a will too, but need to get it done. There are a couple of free or cheap websites that you can setup for it. My problem is....who is going to raise my son? NOT my sister....

Mel said...

There is nothing like death to make you freak about life and what's left of it. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

We are still dragging feet on life insurance. I keep telling the husband to please get it done "by the end of the week" and somehow, here were are almost 2 years later since the conversation started. SIGH.

Enjoy the time you have and value every day.