Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In a pickle

I know, I know...I'm a horrible blogger. But I'm in a pickle and need your advice. The job that I was interviewing for? Well, they offered it to me. They flew me out to meet the hiring manager last Friday (very nice guy btw) and made me an offer yesterday...more money...working from home 100%...I got along great with the manager and the 2 other sales people I spoke with. The downer? No IVF coverage. None, nada, zilch, zero. They are a fully insured company, but the policy is written out of Florida...which is not a mandated state.

DH's company follows IL law...which would give us one cycle covered (IL law says you get 6 IVF cycles, unless you have a live birth...at which time they will cover 2 more and since we did one after Lexi we would have one more). We could take out his insurance (my job change constitutes a life event for enrollment) and use the cycle there. But that would be it. No more.

If I stay where I'm at...I have maybe 1 MAYBE 2 cycles covered...procedures only...all drugs would be out of pocket.

So again...pros for taking new job and using DH's insurance:
No more 4 hour commute
working from home
no more train tickets (save $)
no more parking fees (save $)
pay increase
one cycle covered

Cons for taking new job:
No IVF coverage

Pros for staying where I am:
IVF coverage (1 or 2 cycles)

Cons for staying where I am:
4 hour commute

What do you think? Honestly...


Michelle said...

(Thank you for my secret valentine, i love all of it!)
This is a serious decision. But working from home? and no commute? I'd go for it. (I hate commuting and 4 hours! omg)
I got most of my IVF drugs donated from my doctors office and people on the blogs and twitter. I'm sure we could all help you out with that!
Can't wait to hear what you choose.

Tina said...

Take the job!! IVF will come to you in one way or another. There are more pro's than cons....TAKE THE JOB!!

Erin said...

Take it!!

Amanda said...

I'd take the job and jump on hub's insurance. No more commute? AWESOME! And more money? MAJOR AWESOME!

Jamie said...

I have to vote for the job as well. The IVF coverage sucks (like so many places) but I promise you, you will love the flexibility and convenience of working from home.

s.e. said...

So glad you posted. Your facebook status updates have left me wondering and hoping things were going well.

I agree with everyone else. Accept the offer and if nothing else, save the pay increase, train ticket and parking money to put toward a future cycle. You will not regret the extra time at home with Lexi. Ever.

Congrats and hope this ends up being an easy decision for you!

BabyForOnePlease said...

My first thought is that a four hour commute will be a huge pain when you're pregnant.

Jen said...

take the job. The money you get as an increase, as well as what you save on the commute... put it all toward your IVF savings, get on dh's insurance...

Anonymous said...

Ditto everyone else. Even though I am not a fan of working from home, the money you save will be worth it. And then you can put that money towards another cycle!

Courtney said...

I say take it. It sucks with only 1 IVF being covered but with your current one you said you'd only have 1 and maybe 2. I agree with Jen, take the money you'll save from the commute and put it as savings for tx. Plus, like the first comment, there are ways to raise money...grants (which you can check out the foundation website for links of grants available), fund-raisers, and of course your blogger/twitter buddies can help keep a lookout for meds available.