Monday, August 23, 2010

Thoughts on cloth diapering

I have been cloth diapering Lexi for about 2 months now. I only wish we had made the switch sooner.

When I was pregnant with Lexi, I had told DH that I wanted to cloth diaper. He was onboard for both the economical and environmental reasons I gave. Now, I will fully admit, I had NO CLUE when it came to cloth. I googled "cloth diaper service" and was given really only one option. A service that would bring diapers (prefolds now that I know the terms) every week and pick up the dirty ones every week. The thought of NOT having to wash diapers was really appealing. But the more I thought about it...the less I really wanted to pay a monthly service fee...I mean, I could buy disposables for just a little more each month. So I dropped the idea.

We used Fisher Price Happy Days and Happy Nights almost exclusively from the time Lexi was about 2 months old (when they first came out) until about 2 months ago, when we began the transition to cloth. Though the FP diapers are still my number one choice for disposables for when we travel...and Lexi still wears a Happy Night disposable to bed each night. When I finally made the decision to switch...I felt like a new mom all over again. I still had NO CLUE when it came to cloth. All I knew was that there were other options out there that weren't prefolds...and I only knew that because I read about them from all the cloth diapering mommy bloggers out there. So I started looking online. And got overwhelmed. So many options. So many different styles. How would I ever pick the "right one"? Luckily, there is a cloth diaper store, Cutie Poops & Bottoms, not far from my parent's house, so I made a trip there.

Walking into this store was like walking into another world. I was bombarded with styles and options...pockets, prefolds, all in ones, one size, fitted, covers etc etc etc. But the women who worked there must have seen the fear in my eyes and demonstrated each diaper on a doll for me so I knew what my options were. I walked out with a Thirsties pocket diaper, a Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper, 12 prefolds, and a Thirsties diaper cover. I was SURE I would want to use the prefolds. HA! They currently reside in my mom uses them on Lexi. They are just too complicated for me.

So needless to say, I don't use the Thirsties diaper cover. I also choose the Thirsties pocket diaper last out of my growing stash. I'm not fond of the velcro. The laundry tabs rub on Lexi's skin and cause red marks. But I LOVE the Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers. I currently only have 4 (yes, I'm washing EVERY night) but use them daily (along with the G diapers with the cloth inserts I have). I just ordered 2 more FB pockets and decided to try 2 Happy Heiny pockets. They have yet to arrive so I can't say how well I like them or dislike them.

I really want to try all in ones...but can't seem to find any that are one size and have snaps. Am I missing them in my viewing of the websites?

All in all, I'm glad we are slowing moving to only cloth. The nighttime will be the last diaper to transition. Lexi sometimes soaks through a cloth a I can't imagine how wet she'd be overnight. I still buy disposables...for the days we travel to the zoo or don't want to have to lug home a bag of dirty diapers (and let's face it, I don't have enough yet to do that)...but they last alot longer.

My newly pregnant girlfriend is thinking about using cloth. She, like me, only knew of the prefolds of our babyhood. I'm slowly exposing her to all the different options out there.


hil said...

We use Flips ( like G diapers). I also have a few bum genius. Ive been told that hemp inserts added to your diaper at bedtime, increases the absorbency. I bet that diaper store will know what is best.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I think BumGenius organics are all in ones that are one size and use snaps. But I've heard they aren't as good as the regular BumGenius, so I've never tried them.