Monday, August 9, 2010

Misc Ramblings

  • Lexi has been eating better. When we went to the Dells, I didn't take any baby food, so she was "forced" to eat table food. Though she still prefers mac n cheese and spaghetti and won't eat meats

  • I tricked her yesterday and gave her spaghetti squash instead of regular spaghetti. She didn't seem to notice the difference

  • Lexi doesn't like hummus. Enough said

  • My girlfriend stopped over on Saturday. She was showing me pictures on her camera of her flooded yard from when we were on vacation...the last picture was of her in a T Shirt that said "Bun in the Oven". Yep, she's expecting. Due in late March/early April sometime. I'm happy for her and her DH. But her news made me want a newborn again even more.
  • I'm happy I get to look at this face everyday and that I was able to spend a whole week with my little one.


Jamie said...

OMG - everything about that little girl is adorable. The ringlets, the eyes, the cheeks, the smile. I just want to gobble her up!

Skeeter has really taken an affinity to mac & cheese. While I'm grateful he's eating, I hope it isn't a bad thing we've started.

Jen said...

she is the most gorgeous little girl!!

kimbosue said...

I think I tell you on every post, but she is just a DOLL!

s.e. said...

She is such a big girl now. Beautiful.