Saturday, August 28, 2010

Prayers please

If you are friends with me on FB then you know I asked for prayers for a friend who is going through a huge uncertainty. I didn't want to "out" her there as to what is gooing on...

About 3 weeks ago, K got a BFP. Her first. So based on her LMP she shoukd be about 9 or 10 weeks now. She went this past Wednesday for her first ultrasound. They could see the sac and fetal pole...but no heartbeat. Her beta that day was 11,000. Well, yesterday she started bleeding. She went to the ER, and still no heartbeat. Her beta increased to 15,000, but the tech said she was only measuring around 6 weeks. Her progesterone levels were only an 11 as well. She was sent home on pelvic rest with a progesterone suppository prescription.

She is obviously nervous and upset. I spent most of last night trying to answer questions she had and comfort her. I believe in the power of if you could say one for my friend K, I would greatly appreciate it....and so would she.


Thomas said...

Hi Amy--I have been following your blog silently through another blog for a while, and had to comment on your post this morning. This sounds incredibly similar to what happened when I became pregnant with my son--hcg went up as it should, but nothing was visible on ultrasound. After a spotting episode, my progesterone was found to be 8.9. I started progesterone suppositories and it stopped almost immediately. I know it is scary, but I hope your friend will try not to freak out. I thought I was at least 2 weeks ahead of where I actually was--I was thinking 5-6 weeks, and in actuality I was only about 18 days--we did not see heartbeat until almost 9 weeks. I am praying for your friend that she gets the same news we did. My son is now almost three and a half.

Also, tell her to stay away from Google. It was the worst thing I could have done (and of course I couldn't get away from it).

Many prayers,

Courtney said...

Will def. be saying prayers for your friend. Keep us posted!

Rotten said...

I have been in her shoes before and it is really hard. There really are no words to make it better. You are a good friend comforting her. Sometimes just being there is all you can do. She will be in my thoughts.

Katie said...

Please pass my prayers along to your friend. One prayer has already been answered. . . no matter how this turns out, she has an amazing resource and friend in you to lean on.