Thursday, March 11, 2010


I finally filed our taxes this morning. They were done early in February, but I never got around to efiling them until this morning. We're getting a nice amount back...though not nearly what I thought we would now that Lexi is a dependent. But we made less last bonuses and no overtime. We paid less in mortgage interest due to the refi we did in March...and I changed my W4 from 0 to 1. So taking that all into consideration, it makes sense. It's just disheartening when I hear people who are getting back double digits and I have to wonder how in the world they managed that.

On another note, my cell phone is "broken". I have an LG Rhythm and it SUCKS. The buttons on the front are "stuck" so they don't work. So basically, I can only use my phone for calls and nothing else. I couldn't even hit the snooze on the alarm this morning. When I took it into US Cellular last night, the guy rudely told me that I have a virus and have to get a software upgrade on it...but they can't do it there, I have to take it to a location that has a technician. So I'll be doing that this evening. What a fun way to spend my Thursday night.


kimbosue said...

I thought we'd get back more too. BUMMER!

Sucks about your phone. It always has to be fixed "somewhere else" from where you initially take it. UGH

Mel said...

I have totally decided that the people who get back lots of money on their taxes are filthy LIARS who are somehow cheating the system.

Ok, so maybe not. But still. Even the year that we spent an ASSLOAD on medical for IF, we still didn't get anything back. WTH?

(PS-my verification word is hooker. I swear. I am laughing so hard)