Friday, February 26, 2010

Last class

Lexi's last swim class is tomorrow morning.  I'm thinking of signing her up for another session...but I have to talk to her teacher and see if she should repeat the same class (Water Babies I) or take the next one (Water Babies II).  I want to know what the next class does different than this one.  I'm happy to repeat the same class, just to give her more exposure in the water...though DH and I were thinking of just taking her during the pool's open swim time.  I hesitate a little though because there is no structure then.  It's open to everyone and I'm afraid kids will be rough housing and splashing and will scare the beejesus out of her.  During class, it's her class and a few others, but they are structured.  No roughhousing.  Something to think about.

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