Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthdays and Shoes

Lexi got her first pair of walkers yesterday. She's been wearing baby Chucks, but those don't have any real support and they were more for keeping her feet warm and looks than anything. But her auntie had taken her to get sized and fitted for shoes about a week ago, and they came in yesterday...

Very cute I think. Much nicer than the baby walkers I remember. Anyway, she LOVES her new shoes and will lift her pant leg up to show them to you. I'm thinking 4 more weeks and she'll be running around the house.

We've also booked Lexi's first birthday party. We're having it at a local restaurant to avoid having to clean the house before and after...and really, I don't have room for 30+ people IN my house. Every party we've hosted has been held in the backyard under tents...but April is just too unpredictable to have it outside. So restaurant it is. Plus, then, I don't have to worry about cooking...now I just need to order her cake!

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kimbosue said...

Baby Chuck Taylors? CUTE! Yes, those walkers are totally cuter than the plain jane ones we had.

Can you believe these tiny babies will be ONE? OMG