Monday, January 12, 2009


If you look over on the sidebar there are 2 for "Baby Pics" which contain all the ultrasound photos I have to date, and one for "Belly Pics" which contain pics of the growing waistline. I just uploaded updated belly pics and was looking through them all...and WOW...I actually look pregnant! Though I still have a "B" belly and not a "D" belly. When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't think I look pg...just fat, but in looking at the photos...I have to say that, at that angle, I am definitely showing. I guess since I was a bigger gal to begin with, my body image was skewed into just thinking I looked fat.

I have some pics of the outfits we bought baby girl, and one of the disaster of a nursery (no progress since the paint was put on the walls) but it took forever to upload the belly pics b/c blogger kept giving me internal I'll have to post those another time.

Any former girl scouts out there? For some reason this morning, as I was working, I started singing this song. I have no idea what even made me think of it. Then I started thinking of all the other songs we sang in scouts...and baby girl started doing a little jig! I actually think it's kinda funny that I even remembered the words!


Denise said...

You definitely look pregnant!

Chelle said...

AWWW! "baby girl started doing a little jig" HOW SWEET! Love the pics!

Jen said...

I think we sang Juliet Low had seven scouts. Or something like that.

You definitely look pregnant! And great!

KimboSue said...

I feel the same way. I also wasn't the smallest when I got pg. I still think I look extra fatter, not pregant. But when I say that to other people, they say they can totally tell I'm pregnant, as I can with you. YEAH for fat bellies with babies in them! LOL

Fertilized said...

there is a baby growing in there!

I also was a scout

Hope said...

I love "B" belly and "D'" belly! I have a B belly too!!