Friday, August 24, 2007

Tired of rain...

DH and I live in a new construction community...and with that comes dirt, lots of dirt...and with lots of rain, that dirt turns into mud...not just wet dirt, but the kind of mud that when you step in it, you actually are sucked down into the ground. It's been raining here almost everyday for the last 2 weeks...and we're not talking a spring shower here...terrential downpours with all the thunder and lightning you can handle, tornado warnings, flood get the idea.

Yesterday was garbage day, so when I got home from work I decided I'd take the can from the street to the yard where we keep it. It was only drizzling at this point, though I knew from the black storm clouds that it was going to get much much worse. As I'm taking the can into the yard, I'm being sucked into the ground by all the mud and yuck that is currently our yard. I realized at that point that we were missing one of our patio chairs. Now, our yard is fenced, so for a patio chair to be missing means either someone took one, or the wind was so bad earlier that it blew away. You can guess that the answer is the latter.

I located our patio chair in our neighbor's yard and proceeded to retrieve it, only to turn around and SEE the wall of rain coming through the yards towards me. Now usually when it rains it starts as a few drops then proceeds to get progressively worse...not that wall of water came towards me, I could hear it a live animal stalking it's prey. I was doomed. As I tried to run back around to the front of the house, all the while the mud wants me to stay in one place, the wall hit. In the 30 seconds I was in the actual downpour I was soaked to the core. Underthings and all. Drenched. I looked like a drowned rat.

It got so bad yesterday that the emergency sirens went off and continued their ear piercing warning for about 45 minutes. As my dog and I hunkered down in the basement, all I could say to myself was "There's no place like home, There's no place like home".

The aftermath wasn't too bad...a lot of LARGE puddles, but thankfully, since we are in a new construction community, there weren't the large tree limbs falling that there were in other nearby suburbs.

What's the point of this post? There isn't one. There isn't anything new to report on the IF front, so I figured I talk about my experience with the weather front. God I just LOVE the Midwest!

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Michelle said...

OMG! do you live by me? this sounds like our town!

welcome to the blogosphere! i look forward to reading your blogs in the future!