Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another day...another doctor

So C and I went to see Dr N yesterday...he's a urologist specializing in male factor infertility. He seemed quite nice...reminded me alot of Dr McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy...same hair cut, color, body shape and all. So he started by going over our history...but since I'm anal about keeping records straight, it was easy...simply handed him a binder with all our medical records in it....separated into sections for C and I each and also a section for our cycles...then he proceeded to ask me to leave the room while he did a physical exam on C. Uh's not like I haven't seen C's package before, or seen how a dr does an exam...but ok...whatever. What happened next was completely unexpected.

Before I share, let me preface by saying that C has had multiple SA's done, and has also had ultrasounds done to verify the presence of varicocele...with the only issue being his sperm. So Dr. N after 5 minutes of just feeling up C tells us that he could FEEL the varicocele! I guess all the other drs who've touched C's sack weren't really all that in tune with what they were looking for!

So anyway, Dr N suggested that C provide him yet another sample to be tested at the University lab he is affiliated with. Along with blood tests...but doesn't think that the varicocele will be an issue...

So I'll add Dr N's card to my ever growing stack...

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