Thursday, October 18, 2012


I took an unexpected blogging hiatus this past month...because things have been stressful.

Long time readers know that DH and I have had our issues.  We've been in counseling once a week since January.  Things would be good for awhile...then we'd get into an argument and things would explode into an all out shouting match...complete with divorce threats.  Things have been much better lately as we try to implement some of the things we've learned in our sessions.  Our finances, however, remain our stressor.

DH is still not working.  It's been 10 months.  Unless something changes, his unemployment will cease in December.  We're squeaking by every month thanks to being "private" clients at our Bank...which means no OD fees when (not if) we fall short, which has been alot lately.  All our bills are current, but our savings is gone.  We have a little money set aside for things for Lexi for the book fair or popcorn she can take $2 or $3 and take part in the activity.  We've pulled her out of her daycare, which she was only going one day a week anyway, but she misses her friends at "little school" and doesn't understand why she can't go anymore. 

We have 2 appointments tomorrow with bankruptcy attorneys for their free consultations.  We don't want to go down this route...but we may not have any other option. 


Photogrl said...

I'm sorry DH is still looking for a job.

Holding you all close in my thoughts and prayers...


Delenn said...

Oh hon. We were just in your situation job-wise. I was out of work 16 months and my unemployment was cut off after 14 months. We were out of savings and just 2 months before I finally found a job, my husband got laid off...we were really stressing about what we were going to do (we were going to be okay until January).

FINALLY I got a job (ironically with bankruptcy law firm). Now, we are on the road to recovery (he got a job quickly). (Now the stess is us dealing with new jobs and the kids in school, etc.)

But I sympathize with you. I know there gets to a point that there is no where else to cut. I hope that your husband gets something soon. From what I have learned about bankruptcy the past few weeks, it really is a good option in hitting a restart button.

Wishing you and your family the best.

Familyoftwo said...

No one wants to go down the road of bankruptcy but you did NOT get yourself into this situation on purpose. Your husband was a casualty of an unfortunate economy.

You know where I am if you need to chat!