Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Down this road

We met with a Bankruptcy attorney on Friday.  We will be filing Chapter 7 as soon as we come up with the $1350 in costs to file.  The attorney was VERY nice.  I had thought I'd feel like he was judging us...or looking down on us.  But in fact, he made me feel the opposite.  He made me feel like this was a good option for us, given what we have in debts.  That we shouldn't be ashamed that it's come to this.  I'm still not happy that things have gone this way...but it's a HUGE stress relief knowing that I won't have these bills hovering over me anymore.  That our creditors won't be able to call us and harass us.  Though it does go against everything I've learned to NOT pay our creditors...but that was his advice.  Stop paying, save the money to come up with our filing fees, and file.

We're also looking into a loan modification for our mortgage. 

This is a hard road to be on...very rocky and uncertain for us.  But we're trying to remain in the center of the road so we don't fall off the sides.


Tina said...

I just want to also mention Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey. It's an AWESOME program that can help you get out of debt w/out declaring bankruptcy. Dave isn't opposed to bankruptcy, but his program may help you in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Did you see a second attorney as well? Perhaps one would be willing to get the ball started while taking payments--especially since you won't be paying your creditors and until actually file you aren't officially declaring bankruptcy.

Delenn said...

Glad to hear it. Part of my job at the law firm I work at is helping with Loan Modifications. Big thing with them is to fill out the paperwork REALLY well--for example they will want 2 months worth of bank statements with ALL pages (even the stupid blank pages that say page 5 of 5). And, depending on the bank, they can be really slow with the process. I hope things work out for you. I do know that at least in our office, if you can get the paperwork to us and give us 1/2 of the retainer--we start processing you. It really is not a bad option at all...and I have seen A LOT of people having to do this. :-)