Sunday, July 10, 2011


The hubs and I have been on vacation this past week.  It's been wonderful.  A short synopsis of what we've been up to (pictures will follow when I get my USB cable from upstairs...I'm too lazy right now)

Sunday - Waterpark with Auntie Bridget and Uncle Joe.  Lexi had a great time...fell asleep on the lounge chair about 3 and slept till after 4.  She looked so cute!

Monday - Holiday party at the IL's.  Lexi swam for the first time all by herself (she had swimmies on her arms!) and loved the freedom!

Tuesday - Poker night for me.  Took 3rd

Wednesday - Zoo with the grandparents.  Saw the lions get "fed".  Though it was more like a snack.

Thursday - Lexi's first baseball game...Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins.  We lost.  Lexi loved it though.  She received a certificate for her first game from guest relations!

Friday - Date night with the hubs.  Dinner at our fave Italian place, movie (Bridesmaids)...then we decided to go to the casino and play some Hold Em in their poker room.  I tripled up.  It was a great night!

Saturday - RELAX AT HOME

Today - laundry, grocery shopping, swimming at the IL's later, getting Lexi's stuff ready for school*

*We lost our childcare on Monday' MIL got a job (good for her, bad for me) we had to find something FAST.  Luckily I had 3 options.  2 centers and 1 home daycare.  We went to look at all three on Tuesday.  We threw out one center (HELLO $100 registration fee, and just felt like it was a kids warm fuzzies) almost immediately. 

The home daycare option was the least expensive ($25 for the day)...but Lexi would only be with one other child, would have to sleep in a pack n play in a room alone, and there is no backup if this lady or her kids get sick. 

The center we chose was reasonable ($42 for the day).  Lexi would be with about 8 other kids...they sleep on cots...and it's more of a school setting.  That was the biggest factor.  Since she starts pre-school next year, we want to get her ready for the school setting as much as we can.  So she starts tomorrow.  I think she'll love it.  At least I hope she does!!!


Tati said...

Sounds like a fun but very busy vacation!! Can't wait to see pictures!

andrea said...

what a busy vacay!! sounds fun!