Friday, July 15, 2011

Regression and Being Green

My "big" girl seems to have regressed a little into my baby.  First, I will fully admit that Lexi still drinks her milk from a bottle.  We've tried moving her to a cup, but she's NOT having it.  She drinks everything else from either a regular cup, or a sippy, so I know she's capable.  However, she absolutely refuses to drink her milk from a cup.  I think it has to do with her linking the bottle to "comfort".  Anywoo, I'm hoping that "school" on Mondays will assist us in breaking the bottle habit.  So we deal with about 3 bottles a day.  Mostly 2.  One in the morning when she wakes, and one right before bed at night.  Sometimes there is one in the afternoon if she's been especially henious, but most days it's just 2.  But lately, she also refuses to hold the bottle herself.  She wants mommy to "old it" while she snuggles up in my lap.  I'm not sure if I should indulge her or not.  Some days I do, and others I don't.  When I don't, we end up with a crying child...not angry cry, but "my world is ending because you don't love me enough to hold my bottle cry" that breaks my heart.  We're potty training as well.  Is this her way of trying to stay a baby while she's in the midst of such a "big girl" milestone?  Assvice?


We live in a newer community that has an association.  In our neighborhood by-laws, we aren't allowed to have a clothes line in the back yard.  I hate that I have to dry my clothes in the dryer all the time.  My laundry room is small...just enough room for the washer/dryer and that's about it.  It's also on the first floor of my house, not in the basement.  Anyone have any suggestions for how I can use my dryer less, while still adhearing to the neighborhood "rule" (which by the way, I think really sucks ass.)


Samantha said...

Hmm....I have the same issue (only we are in a condo). I have hung a tension rod in our also small laundry room and use that to hang the boys' clothes for sure. This cuts down on drying time for theirs. As far as my clothes, blankets, etc., I try to lay it over things that won't get damaged by wetness and leave it in the room/area that has the most direct sunlight (for me in the morning). I find that this does (mostly) the trick. I also half-dry, then hang out like that. It's not ideal, but it works!!

I also forgot to mention this to you before, but I'm running a weight loss challenge for diapers on my blog if you'd be interested. I'm a long-time follower of yours (and a fellow Illinoisian!) Hope the new job is going well!

Erin said...

Maybe a fairy can leave her a super special cup with a really cool curly straw (and leave behind a puff of glitter when she visits) that is for milk only. This fairy has worked for me with other kids to pick up pacis and bottles. I am yet to try her on my own kid though. F is doing the baby thing. I indulge him but with a pretend bottle. Maybe use a pretend bottle since you are working on the bottle being a thing of th past. Good luck.

AwkwardMoments said...

the regression is an age thing. a sucky suck age milestone that has seemed to worsen at age 3. i am sorry. don't pay it much attention.conduct your day as planned and the less you bring light to it hopefully the faster it will go Away.

as for the clothes -do you have a garage? I use a drying rack i bought from walmart

Anonymous said...

Do you have a fenced in yard? I'd get one of those "clothes" trees and put that out on your patio--small loads shouldn't draw too much attention. Other alternatives-you could hang them in the bathroom from the shower curtain rod...other than that I'm out of ideas...sorry

Tati said...

No idea with the laundry, sorry:(

I like the pp's idea of the fairy leaving a cool milk-only cup!

Also, maybe she's just wanting the closeness and connection with you when she wants you to hold it for her. Perhaps you could find something else that's even "more fun" than the bottle holding that gives the same (if not more) bonding moment? Find something she likes that just the two of you can share while she sits on your lap...a new book (or fav. book), playing a game while sitting on your lap, painting toenails, making a craft, etc. You can save those things for moments when she normally wants a bottle. I'm sure it's frustrating, but I agree with Farah...regression is this age and it's annoying...but will pass:-)

Mel said...

We've always had a rod in our laundry room, even when it was a tiny one. Beyond the thought of being "green," drying seems to destory the perfect fit of some of my favorite clothes and I much prefer to air dry them! (ESP jeans) I've not got much room, but I always find a way to make it happen. You could probably also hang from a shower curtain rod somewhere?

We've had some minor regressions here and there since hitting 2. She LOVES to argue with me and insist that she is NOT a "big girl" and she is still very much "mama's baby." I just try to take it in stride and pick my battles. Soon enough, she'll be fighting you in the other direction... and she'll never regress back.

Tina said...

my twin boys (2 1/2 years old) also will only drink their milk from a bottle, everything else from a sippy cup. I'll let you know if I find any miraculous solutions.