Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Delurking and other randomness

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post. Things were hectic with the holidays.

Before we get's National Delurking Week! Come out of the woodwork to say long comment needed! Who knows, I may add you to my reader!

Christmas Eve was spent at the in-laws house. Lexi received some very nice presents of clothes (which were MUCH needed as she's outgrowing things so quickly!) and a few toys.

Christmas Day was at our house. My family came in the morning and Santa also came to visit Lexi (which was really gwandpa all dressed up). She wasn't sure what to make of Santa when he came...even though she saw him at the mall. She received more toys and clothes, and our family room looked like T0ys R US blew up. The in-laws came by later for dinner. It was nice to have the whole family around.

The Saturday after Christmas, my sister hosted a small get together at her house for friends and my cousin from OK came in.

New Years Eve was low key. We were all in bed by midnight. Ok, I'll be honest, Lexi was sleeping and DH and I were, um, "reconnecting" when midnight hit.

New Years Day my cousin from OK came by with her 2 boys. We haven't seen them since August when they left. The boys (3 and 18 mo) opened their presents, and they gave Lexi hers...clothes and a cold! Yep, the boys had runny noses Friday and by Sunday night, Lexi was a snotty mess.

Oh, and Sunday Lexi got her ears pierced. Now I know there are some people who believe that ear piercing should be done later, when the child is older and/or asks for it...and I respect that. I just don't follow that same belief. We all had our ears pierced as babies and I wanted my daughter to have hers done as well. I respect you, you respect me. Thank you.

So in all, it was a busy time...Lexi starts swim classes on Saturday and turns 9 months (OMG!) old on Sunday. She was at the dr for her runny nose on Monday and weighed 19lbs 4ozs and was 29 inches long.

I'll try to post more pics later tonight!


Jen said...

question about the ear piercing... do you worry about her pulling them out? I want to pierce my dd's but am afraid she'll rip them out, kinda like she does to anything I put in her hair.

Stephanie said...

Ok, I will stop lurking. I have read your blog for a while. I have PCOS and still haven't managed to get pregnant so you are an inspiration and your daughter is beautiful. :-)

Amy said...

Jen ~ No, I'm not worried about her pulling them out. The posts have a little section on them that the back sits in...she'd really have to yank it hard to get it out. I think she'd feel it first and stop.

Trish said...

::lurky loo::

You're in my reader, so I always read!

JamieD said...

Happy Delurking Week! I'm glad you had a good holiday - minus the snotty nose, of course!

Kimbosue said...

Swim lessons? Are you scared? Where is she taking them?

Photogrl said...

*waves* Hi!

I had my DD's ears pierced when she was 7 months old. She never even played with them afterwards.

Samantha said...

im a lurker! And i love your blog!