Monday, December 21, 2009

36weeks 3 days

Dearest Lexi,

Mommy missed your 8 month post on the 10th...we've been so busy gearing up for the I thought I'd post today, which is also a special day. No, it's not Friday, so it's not a weekly "birthday"...and it's not the 10th, so it's not a monthly "birthday". No. Today you are 36 weeks and 3 days old, why is that special you ask? Because today, sweet girl, you are officially "out" longer than you were "in". Makes mommy a little sad to know that you're growing up so fast. But I love to marvel at all the things you can do.

You're starting to wave bye bye...though it looks more like you're waving to yourself, but you try. You also shake your head "no"...and I truly believe you're saying no since you only do it when I'm trying to get you to do something. You're starting to pull up on us. You'll grab at our shirts and try to pull yourself into a standing position. Makes for a precarious situation when we're out in public if mommy's not wearing the "right" shirt. But it's still fun to see you doing these things. You've tried dry toast, which you're not too fond of, but you LOVE your egg yolks from the hard boiled eggs we make. You haven't mastered the sippy cup yet, or like holding your own bottle, but that's're getting there. You also have cut your top left tooth. And the top right isn't far behind.

Oh peanut, I love you more than I can ever describe. You are my everything. You make me smile even when I'm feeling down. These past 36 weeks have flown by in a flash, but I treasure every moment in a special part of my heart that's reserved just for you.

Love always,


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Amanda said...

What a beautiful letter!

InfertileMadWoman said...

What a sweet post!! I remember when that day came for me!! it is so special and yet so bitter sweet!! Keep your chin up sweetie!!


Jill, Mommy of Tanner and Josie, our Clomid baby. :o) said...

Hi Amy! It is Jill. :o)