Friday, November 6, 2009

30 weeks

Dear Alexis,

Has it seriously been 30 weeks since your birthday? I can hardly believe the time has gone by so quickly. You're becoming quite the little lady at a mere 7 months old (on Tuesday!). And you're wowing Mommy and Daddy everyday with your development.

You can sit up all by yourself support needed. It seemed to happen overnight. One day you were still all folded in half, the next day you were sitting up so straight! And you love this new found view of the world. You happily sit in your highchair without leaning back and you LOVE sitting in the shopping cart at the store. You also now sit in the highchairs at the restaurants, or in the seat we have that clips to the table. You are so happy to be a part of everything.

You've outgrown your car seat. Well, sort of. When you have your coat on, the straps don't want to we had to go out and buy you a "big girl" seat. This one lets you ride rear facing still...but will stay with you until you're 8 years old (if it lasts that long).

You're also rolling over both ways now and have discovered your feet...which promptly go into your mouth every chance you get. To be that flexible again...

You've started eating the Ger.ber puffs and yogurt melts and think they are the most fascinating things. We also have been giving you frozen grapes in your little mesh feeder to help with your swollen gums...oh yea! You're getting BOTH your top teeth at the same time. I predict that they will emerge within the next week. Your little gums are red and swollen, and we can see the white teeth just below the surface. You are chewing on EVERYTHING and drooling like a also haven't been eating much the last 3 days, but we know that it's because of those teeth. Mommy has to admit, you are a VERY good teether...while you're a little more fussy these last few days, you are still very easy to console.

You've been sleeping through the night like a champ as well. It was like you just decided one night, "Eh, I think I'll skip my 2am ba ba and just sleep from now on". It's amazing.

You are also "talking" all.the.time. "Dadadada and babababa" are your favorites. But you reserve the "Mamama"s for when you're upset. Crying with your arms outstretched to mommy is a new's SO cute and tugs at Mommy's heart each time.

Oh peanut, time sure has gone by in a flash. I'm excited to have you experience your first holiday season, but don't want you growing up too fast. I know that, all too soon, there will come a time when you no longer want to be held and snuggled...and will want to do things all by yourself (heck, this is starting already) Mommy relishes these "baby" times. You'll be a big girl way too soon. Always remember that Mommy loves you more than anything in this world.

Love always,