Wednesday, October 1, 2008

9 weeks

Nothing new to report. I'm still spotting on and off. Still tired...though bedtime has been extended to 9:30 now as opposed to 8:30. So it's getting better! Still no ms...which I am fine with. I do get the occasional moments in chewing my food that I'm not sure if I'll be able to swallow last night. I was eating celery...something about the stringiness just wouldn't let me down it. It took all my strength to not spit it back out onto my plate!

I'm also having some emotional issues...well not issues, exactly, just feelings of "Did we do the right thing?". I love my DH to death, and the thought that we won't be able to spend as much "quality" time together after Lucky is born just weighs on my mind. And the whole economic mess this country is in doesn't help either. I keep wondering if we'll be able to provide for Lucky the way he deserves. All my pg books tell me this is normal...I mean, overall, I'm so happy I'm bursting at the seams...just little doubts sneak in every now and then about what kind of mom I'll be.


Jen said...

You will be an awesome mom! Only the good ones worry.

Fertilized said...

i still have thosr "did we do the right thing" moments. i have decided that it is just part of the gig. You are already wonderfuly caring

Virginia said...

you're well on your way. congrats, that lone survivor will be in your arms b4 you know it!

Mel said...

I ask myself what we've done all the time. When we are up late snuggling on the couch talking about everything in the silence of our pristine house. Wondering what it will be like to shell out ALL of our extra money on daycare every month and never getting to splurge or buy nice things like we used to. It's hard to put your head around it all. I imagine when I see her face for the first time, I'll know why and even on day when I forget again, her laugh will remind me. You can do this.