Friday, January 25, 2008

Colposcopy here I come

So I finally got in touch with the GYN...they want me to come in next Friday for a colposcopy. Dr says this is a painless procedure. Then why, might I ask, did the nurse tell me to take a pain killer 1 hour before coming in? Dr also said that an HSG is painless...but, this says differently, and I know better. My question is (and sorry this is TMI) should I not douche between now and next Friday? I usually only douche once a month...usually after my period...and I haven't this month. Anyone see any harm in it?

Has anyone had this done? Was it painful?


Gibson Twins said...

colposcopy in itself is not that bad- i had one back in january 07. the doc put a liquid on the cervix and then looked at it with a green light. it is when they want to biopsy anything that shows up in the special light that is uncomfortable. they did 2 punch biopsies on my cervix (basically snipped out two itty bitty pieces of cervix to send to the lab for analysis). it hurt for a second when they did it, but afterwards it wasn't so bad. i did have bleeding mildly for a day or so and a little cramping. i would suggest taking 600 or 800mg of motrin before having it done and you'll be fine. good luck!

Familyof2 said...

My mom has them done yearly. She is put out for them, but I doubt she could have handled an HSG either.

I don't see why douching would be an issue since they are going in the other way...