Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where has time gone?

Where has almost 5 months gone?  I've been really bad at blogging lately.  I think about it...and have posts in my head, but they never make it to print.  A brief run down:

In May
   bought a new truck
   caught the husband spending his lunches with the "other woman" from last year
   bad month for me

In June
   spent alot of time in my counselors office
   spent alot of time watching BlackHawks hockey
   tried to pick up the pieces

In July
   Went blueberry picking
   continued seeing my therapist
   continued trying to pick up the pieces

In August
   qualified for a regional poker tournament (but can't attend because I'll be in Florida)
   qualified for a tournament of champions poker tournament (that I WILL be attending)
   Lexi starts Pre-K again
   final payment for our Disney trip due

We're heading to DisneyWorld in less than 8 weeks!  This trip was planned and airfare purchased before the crap that went down in May.  Jeez, it seems like so long ago, but it was only a few short months!  I'm very excited for the trip...moreso because I can't wait to tell Lexi.  I don't plan on telling her until the Wednesday night before we leave.  And I'm hoping to have something spectacular planned!  I want to get a HUGE box, fill it with the things I've bought her so far (a new Ariel dress, a new Minnie Mouse game for her Innotab, TinkerBell jewelry, an autograph book, a new suitcase) and mylar and latex helium filled balloons with the tickets.  I want the box to get put on the front porch and the doorbell rang...and have her bring it in.  I want to put DisneyWorld as the return address and decorate the box with images of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald.  I want to make an invitation signed by all the "princesses" inviting her to visit them at their "home" in Florida.  I want to see the look on her face when she finally understands that she is getting what she's been asking ALL year for.  A trip to DisneyWorld.  And I plan to, hopefully, get it all caught on camera. 

I'm excited to see her face as she gets to take her first airplane ride (everytime we pass the airport near our home she comments that "I wish I could fly in an airplane").  I'm excited to see her reaction to everything Disney.  If anything, it will be a brief "vacation" from the mental hell that has been my summer.


Erin said...

We are going to Disney in a few weeks too and I am SO excited. Crazy how excited I am.

Sorry about your summer. Hoping you are pushing through and moving on.

Familyofthree said...

I'm not trying to be rude, but I have some questions--maybe a blog post? How is life "better" post bankruptcy? We're kicking it around--getting Ike was EXPENSIVE and now w/a job loss we're hanging on by a thread.

I'm just surprised that you're able to do Disney and a new truck in a short time.