Friday, June 19, 2009

2 months old - 10 weeks today

It's been awhile since my last post. Alexis has been keeping me busy. It's hard to get online when I'm home with her. Even during her naps, I try to get other things accomplished. So I'm sorry for not keeping up with other bloggers as well. I've been trying, but have fallen far, far behind.

So Alexis turned 2 months old on the 10th. She had her 2 month check up this past Wednesday (17th). She is now 10 lbs 7.5 ozs and 22.5 inches long. She also received all her 2 month shots. I cried right along with her. I had to hold her arms and stay up by her head while the 2 nurses each took a leg...and she looked me right in the eyes when they did it and the look tore my heart out. Almost like she was saying "Why are you letting them hurt me mommy?". She was fussy that evening, but for the most part had no adverse reactions.

I've blogged in the past about my inability to get Lexi to eat more than 2 ozs in a feeding, and the subsequent need for me to feed her almost every hour. Well, I think I've found my solution. We were using the 0-3 month slow flow nipples. I've since changed to the 3-6 month fast flows and she's now eating almost 4 ozs at one feeding, and going 3 - 4 hours in between. I guess she was just getting tired of sucking those slow nipples. She has also been put on Axid, as the ped thinks she may have some acid reflux issues. We are also going to be starting cereal. I gave her cereal before we changed to the fast flow nipples off a spoon (only about a teaspoon) and she was able to mouth it back and swallow it. Only a little bit came back out and had to be cleaned from her face. The ped ok'd it when we saw him Wednesday. I can either give it to her on a spoon, or in her bottle. She should get 1/2 tsp. per ounce of formula. We've decided to switch off, one day she'll get the spoon, another the bottle.

I'm also dealing with the emotions of having to go back to work in 2 weeks. I'm excited about going back, because I need the mental stimulation...but I HATE to leave my precious angel. The only thing that makes it easier is knowing my mom is going to be watching her, so I know she'll be with someone who loves her just as much as I do.

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KimboSue said...

Good news about the nipple change. I also needed some mental stimulation but miss him like crazy and it's only been 6 hours!